About Me

hi there, my name is jackie and i'm just another nerd with a blog. i mostly post about concerts i've been to, amazing cosplays i've been allowed to photograph, and some daily life stuff. if you live in florida and would like to have someone photograph your cosplay, contact me!

enjoys: lee pace, pacific rim, pushing daisies, charlie day, dean o'gorman, the hobbit, lord of the rings, the almighty johnsons, bruce cambpell, sherlock, comic books, captain america, harry potter, back to the future, star wars, jaws, jurassic park, world of warcraft, D&D, pokemon, adventure time, too many tv shows, and music for days.

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  1. Hahaha I can't seem to stick with only one single theme for my blog either!! I have too many ideas on my mind that it would restrict me!