Thursday, April 2, 2015

Battle of the Seasons

Ok so a few months ago I became obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race. I randomly saw it on Amazon Prime after a friend had been telling me to watch it FOREVER. I started with season 4 and quickly saw 5 and 6 afterwards. I'm still working on the older seasons but they're not on Prime so I have to be more crafty. ANYWAY I. AM. HOOKED. I loved so many of them so much it hurts. I literally SOBBED during season 5 because I loved the top queens so much and I ADORE Jinkx so I was so happy when she won. Then I started watching season 6 and was OBSESSED with Bianca and Adore. I'm still obsessed with them! So I found out they were on tour doing the Battle of the Seasons and my friend Josh happens to be a HUGE fan of the show. I randomly messaged him and asked if he wanted to go since it was close to where he lived AND THANKFULLY HE WAS TOTALLY DOWN WITH THE IDEA. Long story short we met up, had dinner with my friend Britt, and had an amazing time at the show. Not only did I get to see these amazing queens that I'm in love with, but I bonded more with my friends and it was just such a great night. I was lucky enough to get a media pass, which basically just meant I could bring my DSLR in so here are some of my pictures. I took over 1,000 but... DRAG QUEENS DON'T HOLD STILL so a lot of them were blurry. Womp, womp.
IMG_1438 IMG_1504
IMG_1551 IMG_1680
IMG_1809 IMG_1785
IMG_1840 IMG_1851
IMG_1832 IMG_1710
IMG_1921 IMG_1952
IMG_2169 IMG_2125
IMG_2228 IMG_2294
IMG_2438 IMG_2441

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  1. you got great photos! we were so far away when i saw them in louisville. and you HAVE TO see season 3. I think it is the best season! I just bought them on dvd. if we lived close i'd let you borrow them! or i'd invite myself over to watch them with you. I've actually watched 7 episodes of season three today. haha!