Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bruce and Marty's Christmas Wishlist

I made a wishlist for myself so it's only right that I make one for my dogs isn't it? This will be Bruce's first Christmas, but Marty loves ripping open his presents. I think he enjoys that more than the actual gifts! But anyway, here are some things I'd like to think my boys would want for Christmas. I don't have kids yet so don't judge me ;) hahahah!

Organic Christmas Gourmet Dog Treats - No Wheat. No Corn. No Soy. (via GotTreats on etsy)

Leather Dog Collars with Personalized Nameplates (via LaserPets on etsy)

Super Tug - Strong Dog Toy (via SquishyFaceStuido on etsy)

Elevated Dog Bowl - Feeding Station (via theknottyhound on etsy)

Toy wagon dog toy box (via KMGstore on etsy)

Ok so some of these are more like presents for me, but I like my babies to look cute! What do you want to buy for your babies, of all animal types, for Christmas?


  1. I love those collars. There's a shop on etsy that makes cute nylon collars with metal buckles and you can have your buckle engraved with your dog's details. I want those for my troop. I think I'll probably get treats for mine and my parents' dogs and maybe a big bone for Navi to open. I am excited for her to have her first Christmas.

    I'll also have five dogs (between 2 clients) I'm pet sitting Christmas week and they will have presents from their families to open! Busy fun!

    1. I saw those too! they were super cute.

  2. awh, those cookies are so cute! i also love those dog dishes!

    lindsey louise

    1. Aren't they? I feel like if I left them out people would eat them hahaha.

  3. They dog toy wagon is totally adorable! <3