Monday, November 11, 2013

Let's all go "wait. what??" together for a second

So I haven't written on my old blog since August 18th and there is a reason for that. I never felt comfortable at that blog. I mean I bought the domain "" and it just never felt like it fit. That's a professional website name and I don't want a professional website. I was sick of paying for hosting that I barely used, since most of my images are on flickr, and I never became comfortable with the wordpress format. Everything is so formal on that site. I've been craving an easy blogger layout for awhile and a space where I can just babble on without worrying about the fact that I haven't taken pictures in god only knows how long. Ok that isn't true, I went to Nerdapalooza this year and have over 1,000 Protomen pictures, but I'll get to that later.

I basically exist on the internet in the forms of tumblr and instagram and while those are great, neither gives me a place to post actual blog entries sometimes. No one really reads them anyway but I'd still like a place to get out my thoughts once in awhile you know? Like when I'm reading a great book, which happens often, or I'm getting sucked into a new fandom, LAKJSF LOKI/SIF YOU GUYS, so I came up with this little space here. Adventures in Stardust, I honestly don't even know. I like the idea of adventures and stardust is one of my favorite words. All I knew was that I didn't want my name anywhere in the title and this seemed nice and fun.

I hope I get back some of my followers from before, all 29 of them might be too much to ask for hahahaha but AT LEAST A FEW WOULD BE NICE. I still religiously the blogs on my blogroll, even if some of them don't update much anymore. So here's to a new start, it will probably filled with a lot of instagram photos and gifs from tumblr. If you don't mind that then hey, stick around please. I'll leave you with a few to get things started.

So much sexual tension in one scene. I can't even. I've been blowing up the warfrost tag so hard.

me imitating marty and bruce the day he got neutered. poor guy was so drugged up hahaha.

a few books i'm currently reading and me on my 29th birthday. ugh, i'm so old.

P.S. none of my links work yet I'LL GET TO IT OK. EDIT: They work now.


  1. hey! i'm here!
    startdust is the next book on my list. i've almost read all of neil gaiman's books this year. have you read neverwhere? i just finished that one and LOVED IT

    1. Hi!!! i'm glad you came over. I still read your blog all the time. i haven't read neverwhere yet, i sadly haven't read as much nail gaiman as i should! but i'm working on it now and i'll add that to my list.