Saturday, November 23, 2013

All I Want For Christmas

Is it too early to make a Christmas wishlist? Oh well, it's only 10:00 on a Saturday and I have nothing to do until after 3:00 today so I'm making one. I haven't been on Pinterest in MONTHS so I was perusing it this morning and look at what it gets me. Honestly, I enjoy buying gifts for others more than I like getting them myself, but it's still fun to dream isn't it? So here are a few things I wouldn't mind for Christmas, in case any of my family decides to pop over.

This Harry Potter sweater (via soeffincute on etsy)

Jeffrey Campbell Litas, I've been asking for these for over a year. This time I included a link and my size. Hopefully Steven will get the hint. (via urban outfitters / picture via flickr)

A nice Lack shelf for more storage for books, preferably for the bedroom. (via ikea)

A new camera strap, I'm currently diggin' this one. (via iMoShop on etsy)

This ADORABLE ukulele case for my ukulele. I mean sure I can only play Adventure Time songs on it, but so what? (via cherijame on etsy)

And last but not least, this amazing pullover. Because, just look at it! (via Cakeworthy on etsy)

What are some things you're drooling over for Christmas?


  1. i haven't made a list yet, but i want that last pullover!

  2. Oh my word that Harry Potter sweater is absolutely amazing! I really want it!

  3. everything on your list is amazing!
    omg i want the ukulele case too! but
    with a ukulele inside :P i used to have one
    but it's broken now....
    anw i hope u'll get everything for this year!
    xoxo Rose


    1. Thank you! I just have a cheap ukulele from Amazon with some great strings on it. When I get better I'll invest in a nice one! Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. That uke case is so cute! x


  5. Oh my! I love love love that Harry Potter jumper, so so awesome! x